February 16, 2012

A Buffet of Topics

It's be a week since I last posted, so allow me to have a few comments on a bevy of topics:

+ Whitney Houston:   I spent most of my K-12 educational years in the Eighties.  Whitney's first album became a hitmaker when I was in eight grade.  Back then I would bounce around from musical genre to musical genre seemingly every week.  I dug Whitney Houston, and Lionel Ritchie, and of course Michael Jackson.  Whitney had a great set of pipes, and in those days a joy in using them.  My interest in her faded after her short hiatus after doing The Bodyguard in 1992.  We all know about her addictions, her reality TV show, and Bobby Brown.  It's unfortunate.  I can't help comparing Whitney to Billie Holiday.  Both had a wonderful gift and powerful demons.  However they both have a body of work that will long be remembered, continue to inspire, and stir one's emotions.  So, for that I'm thankful and moved.

+ Faitheist:  The latest Sojourner's magazine has a short piece by Eboo Patel on Chris Stedman who has a book coming out later this year called, "Faitheist: How an Athiest Found Common Ground with the Religious."  Stedman is a former Christian who became an Atheist but in serving others found himself respecting other people's religious values while not claiming it for himself.  He chooses not to hate religious people.  I am a little tired of the Christian-bashing and we ALL know we Christians are awfully good at hating anything "not Christian."  Like Stedman, I think we could all do with a dose of treating people like people.  There's an intrinsic value to each and everyone of us.

Loving people, even if you disagree with their own religion (or lack thereof), sexuality, politics. We could all use a dose of that tonic.

+ Resume:  I've been thinking of updating my resume.  I'm not considering a job change.  I like 90% of the people I work with in the library.  I love working at a Christian university.  It's refreshing to have time to slip away for prayer when I need it.  And frankly, while I sometime am prone for too much "multi-tasking" I am good and skilled at what I do.

That being said, I won't lie and say that having a job in the games industry isn't attractive to me.  So I want to update my resume, just in case.  However it's been nearly 20 years since I've written a resume or cover sheet.  I have acquired lots of experience managing a community, running a gaming website, gaming forums, social media, etc.  So in a sense I really need two resumes; one that highlights those skills learned while doing The Married Gamers, and another I learned from working my library job.  But I have writer's block, or something.  Also, things have changed in 20 years, I am also creating a digital resume on a fantastic local site called re.vu.  You can check out my early "draft" here.  And of course, there's LinkedIn.  I can be found there by clicking here.

So I need help sharpening and honing my resume talents.  Just in case.

+ The Married Gamers:  Speaking of TMG, I'm going to work on a separate post about the site during my lunch break today.  I just wanted to quickly say it's weird after nearly five years (Late August will be five years) of owning and running the site and podcast that only now we are hitting our stride.  I really feel like we have a stellar staff, Kelly and I are really clicking and having fun (again) doing the podcast(s), and we working on something behind the scenes that might transform our community.  It's a lot of work, but man these past few months have been delightfully fun.

Now if we could turn it into something that could make some sort of return on the thousands of dollars we've put into it as a hobby/labor of love/business.

I still need to figure out if it is worth it turning TMG into an LLC in the State of California.  I REALLY need to come to a decision on that.  Anyone know someone I can ask about that gratis?

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