February 1, 2012

Lefty's Random Thoughts

I've been sick so while I catch up to speed, I'll just leave these random thoughts:

+ Leonard Cohen's latest album Old Things is a rare pedigree of music.  So somber yet sweet.  It reminds me a bit of  Warren Zevon's last album before he passed away.   Much of it is virtually spoken and some it comes out of Cohen's poetry.  I'm a recent convert to Cohen's music (although I have KNOWN of him for a long time) and as someone who is not the perfect Christian or perfect sinner I find some brotherhood in Cohen's work.  The new album is well worth a listen, especially in a quiet evening with a short glass of hard liquor drunk over a long stretch.

+ Today I'll be joining Weight Watchers for Men and giving it a 3 month trial.  My diabetes is not under control and I got to change my dependency on foods that feed that disease.  Plans are also underway to join a gym this weekend.  Kelly has already made some outstanding changes in her diet and exercise so I'm hoping that we both can be better support partners for one another.

+ I started writing something on the E3 Expo, but I'm going to save it for a post later today.

+ I'm still looking for my blogs to add to my blogroll.  If want me to take a look at yours, let me know.

+  February really snuck up on me.  I had to scramble this morning to pay some bills.  February is a weird month for me.  I'm always in favor of a short month, even with that extra day this year.  Also I get President's Day off from work.  However Valentine's Day feels so manufactured and plastic that I've never been a big fan (even if I got a fantastic woman to share my heart with).  Also this is also the month my mother was born and my mom and dad got married.  Even though my mom passed over 16 years ago, I still at times miss her.

+  I'm half-heartedly going to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday but really undecided who to root for.  I'm edging towards the New York Giants if simply to say that any team that could beat my Niners DESERVES to win the Super Bowl, or to root for NFC to "represent."

+ Congrats to Mitt Romney on winning Florida yesterday.  I still firmly believe President Obama will easily win re-election, not by Obama-McCain margins, but it'll be decisive.  I just want this Republican slugfest to end so voters will finally begin to see what stark contrasts they'll have when they vote in November: a President in favor of "the engine of the economy" (aka the 99%) or rich bigwigs that have fixed the game to avoid paying their fair share for the success.

More later...

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Roger Owen Green said...

Santorum sweeps! I love it!