February 3, 2012

"The Other (Podcast) Show"

Last night Kel and I went to see Kevin Smith: Live From Behind.  We had free passes and I'll be writing something about it on The Married Gamers website tonight  The live show was pretty good, a little on the longish side (three hours), but was indirectly inspiring.

The first half of the show was Smith and his on & off screen hetrosexual lifemate, Jason Mewes doing their podcast Jay & Silent Bob Get Old.  It was pretty cool to see them just chatting and turning their everyday misadventures into some pretty funny material.

It made me want to explore that in our own little podcasting endeavors.  So, if you don't already own The Married Gamers iOS or Android app you might want to download them.  It's $1.99 but you can listen to our main show and then be able listen to our little experiment.   For two months, Kel and I will record two shows.  One show will be the traditional The Married Gamers podcast, but we'll also record a full additional show that will be released as exclusive bonus content for app owners.

This bonus show doesn't have a name yet.  I've been calling it That Other Show, but we're going to leave it up to listeners to name.  We'll be recording without a script and it'll be just Kel and I (and hopefully other podcasters) simply sharing stories about sex, dating, pets, growing up, movies, music, and whatever might spring to mind.  It's going to far different than anything we've done and it'll be interesting to say the least.  It'll probably offend some.  It'll be no holds barred but I feel like it'll be a lot of fun and think folks will like listening to it.

The first show will appear as bonus content on episode 240 of The Married Gamers releasing on Superbowl Sunday.  If the show is successful we're going to keep them as bonus content for the app as a value added incentive for people to purchase.

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