February 8, 2012

Comic Book Wednesdays

Wednesday is New Comic Book Day for geeks like moi.  So I figured I'll try to chat about comic books and the like on Wednesdays.

One of my favorite graphic novels doesn't involve capes, but it does involve a battle against intolerance.  Years ago I picked up a very used copy of Howard Cruse's Stuck Rubber Baby.  The book is a fictional story of a gay man's sexual awakening against the backdrop of 1960's Alabama.  It's an interesting look at gay life during this period but also of the civil rights struggle as well.  While the book is fictional, Cruse does draw upon his own experiences.  It is an absorbing read and I highly recommend it.

My copy is falling apart and I really should pick up that hardcover copy I keep seeing at my local comic shop.

While I'm at my local comic shop today, I am hoping (since I forgot to add it to my pull list) the next issue of Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha & Omega from Brian Wood.  It's an X-Men book (Wolverine's team since the whole Cyclops/Wolverine falling out), but Wood brings some mad ideas .  I really enjoyed the first issue, so can't wait to dive into the next.

I am also continuing my read through the 100 Bullets collections.  I have just wrapped up book five of the trades and am liking this build up of the mythology behind of the book.  I can't wait to see how that pays off.

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