February 6, 2012

Weekend Aftermath

So it was an interesting weekend to say the least for me and Kel.  Let me bulletpoint the highlights:

+ The Other Show:  We recorded our first Bonus Content podcast for owners of our The Married Gamers app.  It was a lot of fun to do, and Kelly shocked me with some of the stuff she said, that I didn't even know about even after all this time we've been together.  After recording it on Saturday night I spent the rest of the weekend worried if I should even release it.  It is REALLY revealing, but it's stuff that funny, honest, and sometime it is good to just laugh at the craziness of life.  So Kel ultimately convinced me to release it.   I have to admit I'm pretty nervous about it, so I'm hoping I get feedback from friends I really trust.  Future episodes will go down other paths.  I know I want to talk about bad dates, politics, funny past work stories, and other things in a relaxed conversational manner.

+ The "Super" Bowl:  Patriots versus Giants.  Both teams played well.  They were pretty evenly matched, so I thought it'd be a little more exciting than it was.  Yep the last two minutes of the game had some of that sparkle but I would have enjoyed a few more Tom Brady turnovers for my liking.  Still, both teams showed why they made it to the big show.  I for one liked Madonna's performance but liked the same sparkly and drive of a rock band performance.  Prince's halftime performance remains one of my all-time favorites.  Oh, and I, like many others I'm sure, now am hoping that the Honda/Matthew Broderick ad inspires buzz for a Ferris Bueller sequel.

+ New Jeans:  So yeah this IS one of the highlights of the weekend.  Sue me.  I went to Casual Male to buy a new pair of jeans.  First, don't go to Casual Male because they are a good $20 more expensive to buy ANYTHING.  Future self will just go to JcPenney's and order them online.  It's like Casual Male feels like they can tax guys just for being fat.  Like they're doing YOU a favor or something.  Even their t-shirts are close to fifty dollars.  Anyway, I did pick up a pair of jeans and wanted to say that somehow I went from a 56 (yeah I'm obese, ok) to a 48 in the last year.  So I guess something is going on, but I'm also hoping that these new expensive jeans will have to be replaced by the summer as I continue my journey in Weight Watchers.  I did lose 2 pounds last week in my first week in the program.

+ Gaming:  I didn't play a video game at all this weekend, which feels a bit weird for me.  Saturday was busy with errands around town with Kelly and then podcasting that evening.  Sunday I sat in with the folks at Digital Gonzo to talk about my favorite Harry Potter film, Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, and the followed it up with the Super Bowl.  Somehow I just didn't get time, and right now I'm sort of between games on my consoles and sort of overwhelmed by Star Wars: The Old Republic & Skyrim on the PC.  I need to get busy because March is coming and that's when I disappear into Mass Effect 3.

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