March 7, 2012

Attaining Nerdvana

So....I've been busy.  More on THAT later, but I wanted to give a short update on the whole SocialEngine trial and The Married Gamers.

I just pulled the trigger and paid $530 for SocialEngine and several plugins.  I was really impress by the ease in which it was to work with the software, and it really opens us (The Married Gamers) to do something really, really cool.

So we are creating a hub call Nerdvana. It will be a place where geeks can attain a higher level of conversation. We will be inviting friendly, non-bullying gaming and geek websites and podcasts to become our partners.  These sites/podcasts would have a great place they and their communities can hang out, create events, interact and chat.  It benefits everyone's communities, makes the place robust and hopping with stuff to do, provides great networking opportunities, and also helps our internal numbers as well.  Also down the road we might devote a portion of the landing page with an ad as well.

The websites and podcasts still control their respective sites (with link exchanges between them and Nerdvana) and we don't demand anything from them financially or editorially.  So it's a good deal for new sites/shows to build a reader/listener base and for others older places provides a second chance to reigniting that community spark.

As much as I love community, I'm really excited by the idea.  Nerdvana should fully launch by April 1st.  If you have a website or podcast that would like to apply to partner up, just drop me a message over Twitter @leftybrown or my email address.

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vicjohusmc86 said...

Great idea Lefty. I want in. LOL